How Metabolic Syndrome Increases Your ED Chances

Metabolic Syndrome

There is a condition that involves high levels of insulin, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and fat around the waist. And it’s called metabolic syndrome. They say that this health issue may have a negative effect on male’s erection and that it actually can increase erectile dysfunction chances. We’re going to provide answers to the questions that you may have.

What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

It’s not just one disease that is easy to treat. Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors and illnesses that are found in one person. When taken separately, they are not that severe. However, when combined, they all lead to cardiovascular diseases.

The list of such health risks includes:

  1. Low HDL levels in blood;
  2. Hypertension;
  3. High triglyceride levels in blood (the type of fat);
  4. Excess amount of fat around the waist;
  5. Increased sugar levels in blood (diabetes’ indicator).

The latest statistics shows that around 20% of people aged above 20 have the first symptoms of the metabolic syndrome. Nearly 15 years ago the risk group included people over 40-50, yet today the same group includes those aged 35 and even younger. Why such difference? The matter is that modern people have too many unhealthy habits, choose toxic diets and forget about the importance of regular exercising.

ED and Metabolic Syndrome: How Are They Linked?

Metabolic syndrome is closely related to the health of one’s heart. If the metabolism system is dysfunctional, it affects the sexual health of a male. The main result is impotence that is accompanied by high risks of stroke.

Does the syndrome decline the erectile function of a male? Yes, it does. Because of the vascular system problems, impotence becomes a result of heart issues. The damage leads to the low levels of nitric oxide, thus triggering the decrease of blood flow to the penile area. In order to increase the flow of blood to the penile area during sexual stimulation and intercourse, males administer Viagra pills or other prescribed PDE5 inhibitors. When taken with water, a pill requires about 40-60 minutes in order to start working and ensure first positive results. However, a single pill treats the condition for 4-6 hours maximum, not speaking of the fact that it’s useless for such additional symptoms as:

  1. Diabetes;
  2. Glucose intolerance;
  3. High blood pressure;
  4. Elevated levels of cholesterol;
  5. Low levels of HDL cholesterol;
  6. Increased waistline.

Studies on Risks of Metabolic Syndrome for ED

The teams’ analysis that included 3.197 participants showed that most males with the metabolic syndrome are more likely to suffer from impotence than those, who don’t have the metabolic issues. The relation between both diseases was more significant in a middle-aged group (men aged 40-59). A Non-significant relation was noticed in those aged 20-39 as well as those aged 60-79.

After the adjustment for alcohol consumption and smoking, body mass index and physical activity, the effects of the syndrome on the erectile dysfunction were reduced in the middle-aged group, yet, unfortunately, they didn’t vanish for good. Unadjusted analysis showed a great association between erectile dysfunction and the metabolic syndrome.

How to Improve ED and Metabolic Syndrome?

There are several effective ways for cardiovascular and sexual functions enhancement. To start with a male should choose a healthy diet instead of high-fatty foods and soda beverages. It is advised to add more minerals, proteins, vitamins as well as essential acids into your ration. Make your meals shorter throughout the day and turn to healthy liquids to stop gaining weight, developing cardiac disorders and ED as a result.

Give way to a regular exercising routine for at least 30 minutes daily for better erectile state and metabolism system improvement. If you are trying to cope with impotence, ask your doctor for prescription medications like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra from Canadian pharmacy. Consider other treatment options like implants, vacuum devices and penis rings.

Sometimes the conditions of metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction occur because of:

  • Panic disorders;
  • Stress;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety.

Males, who suffer from rather serious central nervous system and neural disorders, need to turn to medications that manage their anxiety, cardiac and sexual health.

Ask yourself, whether you sleep enough. The matter is that sleep plays a major part in body functioning. Both excess and lack of sleep impact nerves, affect reproductive organs, damage the process of blood circulation and generate stress hormones productions. Lethargy and insomnia are the two conditions that are common for most males with metabolic syndrome and erectile dysfunction.

And finally, hygiene may be an indirect factor, too. Males, who live in conditions far from being clean, are prone to diseases and infections (bacterial and viral). This is why they have both their immune system and libido affected.

If you have all the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, ED is somewhere right at the corner. Yet, the cause and its result may be changed, if only efforts are applied.