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Looking for a one-stop dispensary of first-line medications might be hard, however, with Canadian Pharmacy your perspective might shift on this matter. We strive to deliver compassionate care, ease of ordering, as well as positive emotions whenever you contact us. Behind our core principle of servicing clients are innovations. We keep in touch with the latest scientific insights in medicine and want to offer you novel alternatives to change your life for the better. Regardless of age, gender, our team may help you find the therapy fit for your particular case, without throwing money down the drain. The medications available at Advance Canadian Pharmacy are distributed with the thought of respecting your finances. So, do find cheap meds for yourself, your family relatives, friends, colleagues, and forget about only holiday savings.



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Our mission

Making a difference in the lives of our clients is what drives us to learn, develop, practice, and communicate with professionals more and more. We want to allow people to find medications that won’t simply be a good fit for their health conditions, but the best modalities that can aim them.

Advance Canadian Pharmacy has a dedicated team responsible for researching the pharma industry. It is in charge of implementing novel therapies for such health issues as hypoactive sexual desire disorder and other menopausal symptoms in female patients. As for the males, we focus on offering modalities to approach their sexual dysfunction, hypogonadism, and alternative solutions for effective and safe contraception.

To be honest with you, we daily come across some challenges alongside great ideas that puzzle our heads — how can we assist our clients the best? So, there is never-ending learning in the pursuit of finding the best therapies for you.

Finally, our mission stands for being a family-oriented service. In simple terms, we want to take care not only of you but your relatives. Learn with us what can fit seniors in your family the best, how they should take the meds, and how to avoid any side effects.

The 4 Pillars of Advance Canadian Pharmacy

Cutting-Edge Technology. Creativity. Compassion

We are driven by the desire to discover cutting-edge care technologies, and approaches to protect your health and well-being. We envision the opportunities ahead with our unique scientific and tech knowledge, profound clinical understanding on solving the patients’ needs and medical professionals’ cravings.

Around the Clock Research

Canadian pharmacy team is continuously keeping in touch with the latest medical and pharmaceutical news. We overlook the works of medicinal chemists, biologists, engineers, and clinical researchers to understand what modern health conditions require in terms of treatments. We continue to receive all necessary clinical trials that will provide a growing body of evidence on the efficacy and safety of our beauty and health products.

Effective and Safe Medications online

We won’t reveal for sale any medication that has not passed all safety checkups, and is not supported by manufacturers’ labels or documents. Since we have been servicing Winnipeg clientele since 2019, we have heard lots of feedback regarding counterfeit medications. With us, you won’t come across such approaches just to earn profit from you. Reputation is much more valuable.

Big Savings

We do believe that treatment should never make one hesitate about its relevance when overlooking the prices. 3 years of servicing the clients helped us establish the best pricing policy. It can fit those who live moderately, and those who can afford brand solutions. You can find baby care skin creams and liquids at $9–$16 averagely, and there won’t be any compromises on the quality. As for the drugs at our Canadian pharmacy, you will find the golden means as well. If you find the prices lower than with us, please do contact us, and let us investigate that matter. We are dedicated to depriving you of any counterfeit and its accompanying health risks.

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Our Gold — Our Product Line

Upon entering our Products page, you might find all the effective modalities aimed at treating one or another health condition or approaching the beauty issue. First off, we are also glad to allow you to fill a prescription with us. All you have to do is to snap a photo of your prescription slip and tapping and have everything done promptly.

Secondly, our Product Line features such goods as sprays, soaps, creams that can literally revitalize your skin. Treat your skin, moisturize it. Order the best medications that can help you alleviate your pain, or treat wounds. Depending on your needs, we will be happy to approach your requests responsibly.

Why our products? By being a reliable Canadian Pharmacy, Advance does not cooperate with partners who supply us with expired meds, or drugs that come with violated storage conditions or are just in an appropriate condition arousing suspicions. Our products won’t make you throw money down the drain. We focus on generics that cost you less than any possible brand counterpart.

There are products for both women and men that come in different forms, mgs among others. If you are a new mom, we can offer some products for baby care as well. And, you can conveniently filter everything by prices and see that we offer shopping for different paying capacities.

Additional Canadian Pharmacy Services

Free Delivery

Everything depends on the sum of money you are planning to spend on your pharmaceutical goods. However, free delivery is beneficial for those who are interested in bulk purchases.

Discreet Packaging

We make sure that the package with your medication has no signs of what’s inside. However, we may leave short notes for the delivery company so that they could keep your parcel away from any damage, whether it’s wetness, temperature, or direct sunlight.

Analyzing Current Medical Plans

We can analyze your prescription medications and talk to your doctor for a better solution. It’s common for a pharmacist to know more about the effectiveness of the medication.

Pharmaceutical Compounding

It’s a possibility to create a custom medication from the individual components. This way, you’ll get a perfect pharma product suitable for all your needs.

Emergency Help

If you need urgent help or consultation, we are always here for you 24/7. If you don’t have access to your car or emergency help, call us, and we will tell you what to do in your situation.

Potential Problems & Our Solutions

Provincial Drug Plans

For those clients who don’t get full coverage from provincial drug plans, it’s sometimes better to go over the border. However, online pharmacies can give you a helping hand here.

Expensive Healthcare System

The United States has a very complex and expensive healthcare system. But this doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on your medications. The most popular generic medications are available online at a fraction of the cost of their brand-name counterparts.

Obligatory Prescription

Numerous medications, starting from painkillers and finishing with diabetes meds, demand a prescription from your medical practitioner. Even some generic medications still require a relevant prescription. However, it’s not a trouble because we offer a wide range of prescription medications at present. Merely contact with our personnel so we could consult you on how to share your prescription information with us.

  • You don’t have to send your prescription by regular mail. You can do this online.
  • You can share your doctor’s contacts, so we could specify your prescription information right from your doctor.

Purchases While On the Go

Advance Canadian pharmacy understands how valuable your time is, and we do not want you to waste your time browsing our website only from the desktop. As of now, we designated a mobile application compatible both for Android and iOS users. Everything you see on our main website, you will find within the app. You can order medications, beauty products, as well as fill your prescriptions with us. Download, install, fill out a few personal information, and keep in touch with your beauty care or medication regimens from the comfort of your home and with a few clicks only.