About Advance Canadian Pharmacy

Looking for a one-stop dispensary of first-line medications might be hard, however, with Advance Canadian Pharmacy you can change your mind about that. We strive to deliver compassionate care, ease of ordering, as well as positive emotions whenever you contact us. Behind our core principle of servicing clients are innovations. We keep in touch with the latest scientific insights in medicine and want to offer you novel alternatives to change your life for the better. Regardless of age, gender, our team may help you find the therapy fit for your particular case, without throwing money down the drain. The medications available at Advance Canadian Pharmacy are distributed with the thought of respecting your finances. So, do find cheap meds for yourself, your family relatives, friends, colleagues, and forget about only holiday savings.






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Our mission

Making a difference in the lives of our clients is what drives us to learn, develop, practice, and communicate with professionals more and more. We want to allow people to find medications that won’t simply be a good fit for their health conditions, but the best modalities that can aim them.

Advance Canadian Pharmacy has a dedicated team responsible for researching the pharma industry. It is in charge of implementing novel therapies for such health issues as hypoactive sexual desire disorder and other menopausal symptoms in female patients. As for the males, we focus on offering modalities to approach their sexual dysfunction, hypogonadism, and alternative solutions for effective and safe contraception.

To be honest with you, we daily come across some challenges alongside great ideas that puzzle our heads — how can we assist our clients the best? So, there is never-ending learning in the pursuit of finding the best therapies for you.

Finally, our mission stands for being a family-oriented service. In simple terms, we want to take care not only of you but your relatives. Learn with us what can fit seniors in your family the best, how they should take the meds, and how to avoid any side effects.

Exclusives only by Advance Canadian Pharmacy

As was said above, we don’t follow the tried path but do also seek alternatives to change the “care”. That’s why we boast a number of exclusives developed by our pharma engineers. Check them out:

  1. We have a medication manufactured to relieve one’s vasomotor menopausal symptoms. It involves notorious hot flashes, night sweats, and mood deviations. On some occasions, the medication might be a good fit for dealing with the excessive dryness and itching in the vagina, pains, and frequent urination. To help you access the ease and comfort of the intake, we produced it in the form of a gel.
  2. Another real deal with us is a testosterone transdermal gel to approach the hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women who reach the postmenopausal period. Why choose it? As of now, there are no FDA-approved therapies to treat low libido in the market, so we can be a good alternative;
  3. Pill-Plus. Our birth control pills are known for their triple action. They include testosterone, estrogen and progestin combo. Instead of having a drop in sexual desire (a common side effect of many contraceptive modalities), you access only the restoration of hormonal balance and, enhancement of your sexual life;
  4. Testosterone Gel. Last but not least, this product again stands for the utmost comfort of the intake and may be a good alternative to traditional testosterone replacement therapies. You avoid injections but have a transdermal gel for the balancing of testosterone levels. Who may benefit from it? You should consider our testosterone gel if you have been diagnosed with male hypogonadism, a health condition that shows itself in the form of erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual drive, weakness in muscles, or osteoporosis (reduced bone mass) among others.