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Use of Content

This platform is aimed at informing our clients about our products, services, policies, and company in general. So, here, you can find such information:

  • our assortment of goods;
  • descriptions of products on offer;
  • descriptions of available services;
  • our research and studies;
  • our partnerships;
  • our team;
  • our goals and priorities;
  • our business practices;
  • news about the pharma world.

All the content published on this website belongs to our company and is protected by copyright, which means you cannot copy, change, and share any of the data provided for any commercial purposes. It is presented for personal use only, namely, you can watch it to learn more about the treatments you are prescribed or are just interested in.

The major goal we pursue is to help you take decent care of your health and overcome existing health problems. By creating this source, we strived to provide you with extra information and, maybe, an alternative approach to an issue you are facing. However, it should be treated only as a source of additional consultation, it cannot substitute your doctor. Thus, you must not base any decisions on the descriptions or reviews we publish. If you have certain symptoms, you must turn to your healthcare provider for diagnosis and further instructions.

Accuracy of Information

We do everything in our power to create materials, which will be 100% true-to-life and free of any mistakes. Yet, we cannot warrant that. So, we will be thankful if you report any errors or inaccuracies found. Besides, one must take into account that there is a risk that we will fail to learn about some updates or news from a certain manufacturer and introduce the corresponding changes to our content in time. Hence, we refuse to bear any responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies, which may be found on our source, and for any related consequences.

Besides, we must highlight that we do not bear any liability for any links to outside websites, which you may see on our source. Namely, we cannot control whether it is safe to follow them or whether the information published on such third-party platforms is accurate or truthful. Hence, you must evaluate and bear the risks yourself.

Adverse Reactions to Medications on Offer

If you face any side effects after administering any medicines bought from our store, we cannot bear any liability for that. In such cases, you must turn to your doctor or to a hospital for advice or first aid.

Violation of These Rules

If our security system or our specialists find out that a user has broken any of our terms, he will be refused access to this source without a delay and without any warnings.

Updates of These Terms

We have the right to change the rules above without notifying our clients and visitors personally. However, we can recommend you monitor updates on this page from time to time. Namely, after the publication, there is a 30-day period before any changes come into action. In case you do not agree with them, please, refrain from using our source.

If you need any extra explanations concerning the regulations above, please, choose a comfortable communication option and send us your questions.