Careers: Help Us Develop

Advance pharmacy offers the following careers.

1) Pharmacist. The most highly-paid of all careers. This profession requires doctoral degree or equivalent training and is based on a doctor’s skills for proper drug administration. This position is ideal for those interested in pharmaceutical business and will require some of those skills:

  • Determining the proper dosage for patients;
  • Sticking to the pharmacy’s policies;
  • Planning and taking orders for the medical treatment of patients.

2) Clinical lab assistant. Clinical pharmacology and laboratory science students should consider a clinical laboratory assistant as this position requires a master’s degree. Many clinical labs, as well as our pharmacy, will offer this job to a student as part of their education.

There are more careers offered by our Canadian online pharmacy

Nurse, a registered nurse. It can be a part of your full- or part-time schedule. They will work with doctors and other health professionals to provide services to clients, whether they are at home or in the hospital.

Some of the healthcare careers offered by our pharmacy are nursing, home health, administration, social work, public health. You can also work as a patient care worker in case if a patient needs remote help with medication delivery and emergency cases.

If you are a student or recent graduate, we also offer career guidance. For those who want to use their skills in another area, our jobs include:

  1. Administrative assistants;
  2. Medical assistants;
  3. Physician assistants;
  4. Other clinical assistants;
  5. Social workers.

Other careers we offer are in:

  1. Computer technology;
  2. Education;
  3. Legal;
  4. Finance;
  5. Consulting;
  6. Pharmacy sales;
  7. Marketing.

All of our careers will not only help develop your skills, they will enable you to build your career and enhance the lives of people.

Some of these jobs are part-time, some are full-time. Others are temporary or seasonal. Our job marketplace allows you to explore all of our careers and our job postings are updated frequently. Be sure to check our jobs. There are many positions we currently do and many professionals we are looking for. If you are interested, contact us via the phone or email you see on our main page.