Primary Care

Primary health care is the delivery of health care services by a healthcare professional to individuals when they are sick or in need of health care, without the use of hospitals or other institutions. Primary health care is one of the basic services of any governmental and private organization. It is the first level of contact within the healthcare system, between the service provider and the patient.

Primary health care is a system of health care that is accessible to everyone. The World Health Organization defines it as “a package of essential services that individuals and communities receive from a health system.” Primary health care (PHC) has become an important part of the health care system for many people in many countries. The World Health Organization and the United Nations work together with other organizations to promote PHC around the world.

Our pharmacy does its best to make primary health care effective, accessible, and affordable.

Primary Health Care in Advance Pharmacy

Our pharmacy is committed to providing you with primary health care. Primary health care includes:

  • Preventive and curative medicine delivery;
  • Prompt and effective delivery;
  • Regular consultations with the pharmacist;
  • Conversations with your family physician;
  • Automated dispensing of medications;
  • Automated Rx refills;
  • Responsive customer service.

The pharmacy plays a crucial role in providing primary health care to individuals, families, and communities. The pharmacy’s primary functions are:

  • To provide reliable, life-saving, and safe services to the clients;
  • To reduce the burden of disease on individuals, families, and society;
  • To improve the health and well-being of the clients.

The primary health care functions of pharmacies are: dispensing medications and providing health care services, helping patients complete prescription refills, providing information about the medications they are taking, helping patients who forget to take their medicines, and reducing drug costs.

If you have a question or concern, our pharmacists are available by phone or email to help you.