Return and Refund Policy

Our team strives to provide our clients with products and services, which will fully meet all their needs and preferences. However, we realize that there is always a risk that a user will decide to return a certain item and ask for a refund. Hence, in such cases, we will do everything in our power to meet such requests.

Return Rules

As a client of our company, you have the opportunity to send back the medicines received within 30 days after their arrival and count on a 100% repayment with no issues. But there is an important condition — the package must be unopened.

In case you have already opened the pack, we can still return you 50% of the cost.

To preserve your right to the repayments described, the corresponding item must arrive back at our drugstore within 30 days (this term must be strictly followed). You can send it via regular mail, and we will compensate for the shipping expenses in such a situation.

Besides, if your package does not arrive at you until the end of the period, which was specified in the order form, we will also resend it to you free of any charges. In the case of overseas orders, the policy is identical.

Yet, we must highlight that the terms above are applied exclusively to lost parcels. In case of catastrophic environmental incidents or other force majeure conditions, we cannot perform any free reships or refunds.

Cancellation Terms

It is also permissible to cancel orders within 24 hours after they are placed. Unfortunately, when the package is sent out, it is impossible to cancel it. So, if your needs have changed, and you do not need the products ordered anymore, be sure to inform us about that without a delay.