Our Leadership

Our team is made up of skillful pharmacists and technicians who have years of experience. Each of them shares your passion for helping people. We hire only the best people, and we’re proud of having the best.

Daniel Johnston

PharmD, our pharmacy technician

Daniel has been our tech advisor since 2017. There have not been many changes to his job duties but you can bet he will continue to advise us as technology changes in the pharmacy industry.

Gemma McGowan

PharmD, BCPS, BC, RPh, Pharmacy Supervisor

Gemma began her career working in a retail pharmacy, and realized that she loved the opportunity to help people save their health and improve their lives. She graduated from the University of Maryland and is currently working toward her PharmD from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Phil Landes

PharmD, FCCP, FCAHS, RCS Pharmacist

Phil is an experienced pharmacist who has worked in both retail and hospital settings. His background in compounding allows him to provide the highest level of personalized care. Phil is a 2018 CIGP Pharmacist of the Year finalist and is passionate about compounding.

Isaac Mendez

PharmD, RCS Pharmacist

Isaac is a talented pharmacist who is passionate about providing the best care possible. He is currently working toward his PharmD from VCU. He is a member of the American Pharmacists Association and the Hispanic Pharmacists Association.

Janeth Falcon

PharmD, BCPS, BC, RPh, Pharmacy Manager

Janeth has been a part of the pharmacy team for over a year and has been instrumental in changing some of the routine tasks to make our team more efficient. She is currently working toward her PharmD from VCU.