Privacy Policy

We insist that, before you start using our website, you should read this document up to the end so that you have a clear idea of how our company gathers and treats personal information about our users.

Data Collection

Your privacy is one of the priorities of our team. If a user prefers to stay anonymous when reading our articles or surfing through our catalog, we do not demand to provide any information about the identity. However, we can ask and store certain personal information about you, like your name, email address, or mobile phone, in case you turn to us for a consultation or other service so that we can contact you and provide the professional assistance needed. We can also share such data with our partners, like healthcare consultants, so that they can give you the recommendations requested. Yet, again, we should highlight that, as our client, you reserve the right to stay anonymous when possible and decide whether you want to share your contact information or not.

Besides, like most other online platforms, our system gathers certain technical data about our users, for example, which pages or links they use. Such information is needed for analytics only. It helps us understand which pages enjoy interest among visitors and which are not so popular. That allows us to provide you with personalized service and a more comfortable experience.

Use of Cookies

Our source utilizes cookies by default, yet, you have the right to turn them off. They are needed for customization. Namely, when you agree to their use, that adds up to your convenience. For example, the platform may prompt the pages you may be interested in. If you decide to refuse this feature, you can switch it off in the corresponding pop-up window you see when entering our website, or you can just change the settings of your browser.

Data Storage and Sharing

As it was already mentioned, we can save certain private information about you and give it to our partners in response to your request for consultation or another service. Yet, we will not utilize it for any other purposes without your permission.

Still, in certain cases, we may be forced to share personal information about our clients or visitors by law, for example, when there is an official and legal demand from authorities.

Certainly, as we care about our users’ safety and comfort, we do everything in our power to protect your personal information from unauthorized use. But, unfortunately, identically to any other company, we cannot give a 100% guarantee that our database will never get hacked or compromised.

Use by Minors

Our website is allowed for use by full-aged adults only. We do not provide any services or goods to children. Thus, make sure your kids cannot get access to your account.

Data Updating and Changing

If there are any changes in the contact information or other data you provided to us, you can turn to our support team at any moment and ask to correct it.

Also, if needed, you can request us to delete the information we store about you or refuse to receive promo messages, as well as other communication, from us.

Links to Outside Sources

When surfing our website, you can see certain links to outside websites. As a rule, they are provided based on your previous search history. But our company has no control over those third-party sources, hence, we cannot guarantee that it is safe to visit them. If you decide to click on any of such links, you must be ready to bear all the responsibility and risks on your own.

And there is one more important note — if you have any other questions about our privacy terms left, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer them.