Use of Cookies

Our platform utilizes cookies formed by Google only. By surfing through our website or using any of our services, you agreed that we can use this means to collect certain information about you by default.

In simple words, cookies are tiny pieces of technical data, which are stored on the hard drive of your computer or smartphone.

To be more precise, this method allows our system to learn:

  • the current IP address of your device;
  • your browser;
  • your operating system;
  • the method in which you enter our source;
  • the dates and times of your visits.

All in all, we use two types of such files. Some of them, which are called strictly necessary cookies, are obligatory to utilize as they allow you to comfortably surf through the pages and menus of our platform. Besides, there are performance cookies, which are aimed at collecting analytics about the way you use our source.

The most essential note — such files do not include any vulnerable information about you. They do not interfere with your confidentiality. As a rule, they contain information about your searches and the pages you opened. They cannot disclose or identify your personality. We utilize them to form generalized analytics about all our clients. Sure, this information will not be shared with any outside websites.

We will store it for 13 months at a maximum.

Is It Possible to Turn This Tool Off?

Sure, you preserve the right to refuse it, if you want. When accessing our source, you usually see a window, where you should agree with the use of cookies or not. This function is also available in the settings of your browser. It is up to you to make a choice. However, please, note, that if you refuse, you will lose access to certain personalization features. For example, you will not be provided with personal recommendations, and you will have to enter the login details every time you open the website, the system will not keep you signed in.