5 Great Medical Aids to Sleep Better

Aids to Sleep better

Having sleeping disorder can undermine your health and make you moody and neurotic. Your friends find you unpleasant whilst you have not enough energy to do your everyday activities. Insomnia is an annoying issue and fixing it can improve your life quality and give you a boost to live positively. Presently, your doctor can recommend a number of prescription drugs and other medical aids to sleep better, but for many people, who have difficulties falling asleep and having good quality of sleep, the main question often, whether it is good or bad to treat insomnia with drugs, as it mostly has extrinsic causes.

Shall I Take a Sleeping Pill?

It’s up to you. But, finally, why not? Many people are scary of possible side effects such as sleepiness in the daytime, a lack of concentration and loss of reaction, but the same issues you may have with your insomnia. The treatment much depends on the degree of the disorder and its causes. For sure, your doctor will suggest the best solution, but, at the same time, you are the person who knows your condition better than anybody else and can feel what is proper for you.

Understanding Your Insomnia

There are two types of insomnia: acute and chronic. Depending on what type you have, treatment can differ.

Acute Insomnia

This type of the disorder is mostly short-term and caused by some external factors such as grief (e.g. losing a loved one), significant stress you had shortly before, separating with a partner, job loss, etc. People with acute insomnia may experience trouble with falling asleep and disrupted sleep during a period from one night to 2-3 weeks. As a rule, the condition gradually passes, but you may need some medical aids to sleep better and support your nervous system for a time being.

Chronic Insomnia

Insomnia that is persistent and recurrent and lasts for more than 3 weeks is called chronic. It may have an origin in anxiety and depression, wrong lifestyle, improper life conditions, as well as chronic stress. Other diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, unceasing pain and some mental disorders may contribute to poor sleeping quality. Carefully chosen medical aids to sleep better can benefit you and restore your normal daily schedule.

In Canadian Health&Care Mall www.canadianhealthmall.com, we are very meticulous and assiduous in studying solutions that help people to cope with sleeping disturbances. Please have a look to our list of the 5 best sleeping pills for insomnia you may find useful.

Top 5 Sleeping Pills at Advance Canadian Pharmacy

  1. SleepWell

Canadian Health&Care Mall stands for safe medicine. For us safe means not having disturbing side effects and not developing dependence. SleepWell is exactly what we said. Sleeping pills contain a unique blend of herbal ingredients to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep, relieve the signs of such disorders as anxiety and depression, reduce up and down and decrease irritation, if any. Not only is that SleepWell will give you longer and better sleep, but it can serve as your daily supplement that supports your daytime activities.

Herbal formula contains: ferula narthex, spike nard (nardostchya jatamanshi), valeriana wallichi, ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), piper longam root, hyoscyamus niger.

SleepWell is not known to cause side effects and make you drowsy, and does not have a withdrawal effect. The recommended dose is 1-3 pills a day taken with regular interval. You should not have more than 1 pill at once. In case of any concern, please consult with your doctor.

  1. Melatonin

It is a smart medicine natural to your body. Melatonin is a hormone produced by epiphysis (a gland located in the brain). Scientists have found that the level of melatonin in the blood regulates your sleep and waking cycles: when it increases, you naturally fall asleep, but if your epiphysis fails to raise the melatonin level, you may stay alert and not able to sleep.

Taking melatonin as a medical supplement can help to restore the normal cycle of sleep and waking. It safe if taken according to the doctor’s prescription and can be used both on the long-term and short-term base. Melatonin can cause side effects as drowsiness, difficulties with awakening and confusion in the morning, low body temperature and some others. Canadian Health&Care Mall recommends talking to your doctor before taking melatonin on the long-term base.

  1. Alert Capsules

It is another Ayurvedic herbal aid to sleep better and relieve emotional stress, strain and anxiety. Comparing to prescription drugs for insomnia, Alert caps do not cause side effects as sleepiness and attention disorders, but, opposite, can improve your memory and concentration. With Alert you will obtain healthy sleep and vigorous state in the daytime. It even can be taken by children to improve learning.

Alert herbal capsules contain: celastrus paniculatus – 75%, cow ghee – 25%, acorus calamus, convolvulus pluricaulls, nardostachys jatamansi, eclipta alba.

Alert caps do not cause drug dependence and withdrawal syndrome.

  1. Doxylamine

Doxylamine is known as an antihistamine and sedative drug. Although it has an effect to depress the central nervous system, Doxylamine can be used to treat acute insomnia on the short-term base. It is one of the most powerful OTC sedative drugs. When taking Doxylamine, you almost immediate feel drowsy and have good chances to fall asleep shortly. The next day, you may have kind of hangover, as the drug eliminates slowly. It is not recommended for frequent use.

Please consult with your doctor if you take any other drugs, as Doxylamine can interact with MAO inhibitors and some other medicines.

  1. Sumenta

Another gift of Ayurveda has a powerful formula to improve your sleep and promote mental health. If you prefer going naturally, it is what you need. It has an effect similar to that of prescription sleeping aids but without related side effects. Sumenta is a herbal, safe and non-addictive medicine.

Ingredients: herpestis monniera, emblica officinalis, evolvulus alsinoides, acorus calamus, celastrus paniculata, withania somnifera, terminalis arjuna, aegle marmelos, nardostachys jatamansi, valeriana wallichii, hypericum perforatum.

Lifestyle Management

And the last Canadian Health&Care Mall advice how to make your sleep better is: maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unless you have acute insomnia caused by severe stress or genetic reasons, the most common origin of insomnia is wrong everyday habits and harmful environment.

To have better sleep, try to manage your life healthier:

  • Change your attitude toward stressful situation, try to keep calm;
  • Adjust your life schedule to keep natural rhythm;
  • Do exercises or yoga;
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking;
  • Do not eat much in the evening;
  • Try to be positive and relaxed.

You cannot change the world, but you are able to manage your own life. Have a try, sleep well and wake up happy.