Telemedicine ED Service or Canadian pharmacy? What You Need to Know

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Facing and diagnosing erectile dysfunction can be hard: planning a visit to a doctor, talking about, and then visiting a brick-and-mortar pharmacy to purchase erectile dysfunction medications can be understandably embarrassing for most men. This is the main reason why the popularity of Canadian pharmacies, Telemedicine, and Telepharmacy services is stunning: men prefer getting medical advice without spending time in queues, letting anybody know about their visits, and making the purchases of ED drugs anonymously. In this article, we will compare the advantages and risks of the telemedicine ED services with the pros and cons of buying ED medications at Canadian online pharmacies.

Erectile dysfunction treatment via Telemedicine

Several telemedicine organizations across North America provide consulting services to men with ED and help them get prescriptions without the need to visit physical healthcare institutions. Telemedicine got additional potential and value during the COVID-19 pandemic. Helping patients omit the in-person contact with a doctor has a lot of benefits.

Here are the pros of ED Telemedicine:

  1. There is no need to make an appointment a month in advance like you would in case of booking a physical appointment. because online services provide healthcare assistance faster. In most cases, you can book an appointment in 2-3 days, sometimes even earlier.
  2. Telemedicine can significantly save the time of patients on making the visit: including transfer and waiting.
  3. Higher privacy: the appointment can be booked online, which minimizes the risks to meet anyone you know in the facility. There are hardly any men, who would prefer to meet their friends or family members at a doctor, who deals with the ED or having an ED prescription in their hands.
  4. Patients receive personalized medical advice based on self-perception of the case, demands, and declared underlying conditions.

The weak points of Telehealth for erectile dysfunction treatment are the following:

  1. In comparison to a physical visit, it can be less effective, because no clinical tests can be carried out for a complete patient’s examination and the detection of possible underlying diseases. However, for the first visit, a dialogue with the doctor can be enough.
  2. In comparison to an online consultation at a Canadian pharmacy, telehealth services require additional scheduling and payment. Also, general practitioners in some cases can be less experienced in the issues of erectile dysfunction treatment, when compared to doctors and qualified pharmacists, who work at reputable online pharmacies in Canada.
  3. Less confidentiality in comparison to communication with the Canadian pharmacy specialists: this issue can be crucial for some people, which makes them choose to consult on the ED treatment and to order the medications at the pharmacy website directly.

Canadian services for ED treatment

As far as ED treatment is concerned, the greatest milestone of recent years is the growth in popularity of Canadian pharmacies, their goods and services. Few customers would expect a comprehensive medical consultation from a pharmacy carried out online, but this is the competitive advantage of this business.

Other advantages of Canadian pharmacies for ED treatment include the following:

  1. Patients benefit from a one-stop-shop approach: they can get all the necessary info, get assistance in selecting the appropriate pharmaceutical form of the medication, make a purchase, and get ED meds delivered to the door. All that becomes an extra value during the coronavirus isolation.
  2. Men can get access to the information about drug effects, the mechanism of work, possible contraindications, and side effects, so by the time they contact a doctor, they already have realistic expectations and understand how the ED pills work.
  3. By visiting an online Canadian pharmacy, people can estimate the prices and plan their budget, which is also very important. The prices for generic capsules and tablets for ED treatment are a few times lower than at brick-and-mortar pharmacies. They don’t have to pay for several doctor consultations, because most of the information is available online or can be obtained in communication with the pharmacist.

Risks of using Canadian service for dealing with ED issues:

  1. In case of a severe stage of erectile dysfunction (up to full impotence) it is recommended to visit a clinic, which specializes in such kind of treatment to find more about the causes and health risks. However, if you need refills, if you would like to know how it works, and have no serious chronic diseases requiring the attention of doctors, you can buy ED medications at the online pharmacy.
  2. Be aware of fraud and rogue pharmacies. There are illegal organizations, which use the title ‘a Canadian pharmacy’ to sell medications of low quality to Canadian and US citizens. Pay attention to the reputation of the company: it should be established long ago, sell a variety of medications, have lots of positive reviews, and should be mentioned in many third-party sources.
  3. You can buy an ED medication, which doesn’t work for you. Some patients mention that Viagra doesn’t provide a long-lasting effect for them, while Cialis or Levitra can work just fine. All these medications are PDE5 inhibitors, thus, they belong to the same class. However, the difference in the pharmacological formula and individual sensitivity to the active ingredient can make Sildenafil from Viagra or Tadalafil from Cialis highly effective for some people, and almost ineffective to others. Doctors, who consult patients on the ED issues are unanimous in their opinion: sometimes, you just need to give it a try to pick the proper drug.

Telemedicine or telepharmacy to treat erectile dysfunction?

Among dozens of online pharmacies and telehealth startups, which specialize in erectile dysfunction symptoms treatments, it is important to choose a trusted organization that can help. Read reviews, calculate expenses, and value your time before you decide on any of these options. An important notion: at reputable Canadian pharmacies there are competent doctors, who are ready to answer questions, so ordering there is more than just a financial transaction. You can get full support, valuable recommendations, and expect 100% confidentiality.

Both options relieve patients from trips to the doctor’s office, but pharmacies also help you avoid leaving your doctor lots of messages about prescription refills. After the first purchase, your information appears on the database in the encrypted form, so you can safely shop in the future without hassle. The delivery of pharmacy services becomes as popular as the delivery of general healthcare services: partially due to the work of Canadian pharmacies.