5 Top Mythical Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

cures for ed myths

There is a massive amount of fraudulent articles, tips, and drugs advertised on the internet. Some of them promise an effective cure of erectile dysfunction, a problem that many men all over the world face due to a variety of reasons. Erectile dysfunction is amongst the most frequent problems related to men’s health and it is indirectly related to many other health issues and treatment courses for them. Erectile dysfunction can be infused by certain medications (alpha- and betablockers, antidepressants of all sorts, and many others), diseases (diabetes, arterial hypertension), and even psychological issues.

Knowing the very root of the problem is very important and helps to determine the most efficient way to treat erectile dysfunction. Whether a pill of generic Viagra will be enough or a lengthy course of generic Cialis is often decided by the nature of the problem. In cases of anxiety related to sexual performance and depression specialists often prescribe a combination of drugs that address both the physiological and psychological aspects of the condition. Trying to rely on untested treatment methods blindly is never a good option.

Recently, we have been reading lots of interesting “miraculous” cures for the condition and decided to “bust” some of them for you.

Myth #1. ED Miracle – e-Book.

One of the trendiest and absolutely useless readings out there is about changing your life and living healthily in order to avoid/treat erectile dysfunction. While such an advice is certainly a welcomed one, the exact benefits of a healthier life style for erectile dysfunction may actually disappoint those who seek for a miracle. ED Miracle book is pushed by its authors through various media outlets including social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and videos on YouTube. We also came across a multitude of various articles related to this e-book that claims that you will note significant changes in your ability to achieve and maintain erection after 14 days of sticking to the regiment offered by the authors.

The core idea of the book is that by eating according to a well-balanced ration and including in it good amounts of healthy amino acids and fats you can make a diet that will help to unlock the true potential of your penis. One of the most obvious reason for problems with erection is that blood paths to cavernous tissues in the penis are often blocked by blood clogs which makes it impossible for tissues to soak blood. The miraculous shake from the authors of the e-book helps to cleanse blood paths and help to achieve erection.

The “official” results have been astounding. Over 10 thousand men tried the method and found it just as effective as using PDE5 inhibitors like generic Viagra. This is ridiculous. Let’s bust this myth.

The shake’s main goal is to improve the blood flow, make blood vessels a slightly tad stronger, and to cleanse the blood. Firstly, there is no way that it is possible only by adding a couple of supplements to your diet. The problem of high blood pressure inevitably correlated with erectile dysfunction in the vast majority of scenarios is that hypertension is a complex condition demanding a multidimensional approach. Eating two apples a day will not help. Some specialists note that once you experienced truly high blood pressure, there is no simple way back. You have to learn how to live with hypertension and manage it.

Generic Viagra and PDE5 inhibitors in general are effective due to their mechanism of action aimed at lowering the blood pressure and releasing nitric oxide allowing for smooth muscle relaxation (these muscle groups control veins and arteries). This helps the body to transfer blood to the penile tissues that can easily soak them. If this reaction could have been easily achieved by eating normally, Viagra would have never become the TOP5 best selling drugs in the world.

Myth #2. Panax Ginseng.

With the most “scammy” method being out of the way, let us move on to another “city” legend that has been plaguing the internet with its presence. Red Ginseng is an herb and its extract is rumored to be as effective as generic Viagra. Many even call the medication group herbal Viagra.

The drug has been introduced to the market in 2008 and has been quite popular ever since with many men switching to this medication altogether only to find that it is not even close to being a panacea. The drug can be effective in some individuals. Some researchers noted that in some patients notable improvements of the erectile function were evident. However, factual evidence that the extract is capable of treating the condition on a large scale was never provided.

To make manufacturers justice, they have been incredibly transparent about their product and rejected claims that the drug just as effective as generic Viagra. The compound does make local tissue cells more efficient at soaking blood and help to improve the blood flow but the effect will not be notable in everyone.

Myth #3. DHEA. The miracle hormone.

This is a myth that we are happy to shatter into pieces due to how it can be dangerous for people who use it in large quantities. While no prescription drug is safe and can be quite harmful in overdose scenarios, some drugs can cause significant irreversible changes in your body. Recommended by some so-called specialists on the internet, dehydroepiandrosterone or simply DHEA is often described as a hormone of sex that helps to elevate one’s sexual potency. This hormone is easily turned into either estrogen or testosterone depending on the hormonal balance.

There was a small study with only 50 participants. The research concluded that hormone does have a statistically significant rate of success and helps some patients in the control group to maintain erection better. However, the placebo controlled group also showed minor improvements though statistically irrelevant. The problem with the study is that is included only half a hundred of men and overserved them over the course of 6 months. The data is extremely inaccurate and unreliable.

DHEA can produce notable adverse effects including changes in body shape, hormonal imbalance, and many other. We do not recommend using this drug to treat erectile dysfunction unless you have diabetes in which case using hormonal drugs can be justified.

Myth #4. Acupuncture.

The mysteries of Chinese medicine (and oriental medicine in general) have been truly captivating for western audiences and always made us question our own more “traditional medicine”. In 1980s, acupuncture started to gain public attention with practicing specialists promising to cure all sorts of diseases including cancer and erectile dysfunction.

There were multiple studies of various acupuncture methods and some of them concluded that the methodic is applicable and even effective to boost specific physiological functions of the organism. However, the precision and knowledge of a practicing specialist must be incredible in order to achieve notable results. The vast majority of men will find that using generic Viagra is both more comfortable and less expensive compared to acupuncture which is also a completely ineffective treatment method is a multitude of cases.

There are various studies regarding the treatment methods and how it affects men with erectile dysfunction. The first was conducted in 1999 and concluded that up to 40% of men can count of improving their ability to achieve and maintain erection. In 2003, the next wave of studies completely shattered these numbers and proved that less than 21% of patients actually note changes and some of them report such minor improvements that they can be credited to anything from rationing to climate change.

Myth #5. Yohimbe.

Advertised heavily everywhere, Yohimbe is your next “Herbalife” with empty promises and strong placebo effect. The amount of fake testimonials from cured patients is amazing for a drug that has absolutely no proved success rate. The extract of the African tree has never been excessively studied in laboratory mostly due to the fact that many scientists don’t even believe that the compound will work due to its quite unimpressive “build”. The compound does not have anything special in it.

Yohimbe has been tested by several independent research groups with only one study indicating that there are minor improvements to erection in some patients. However, the extent of studies end there with no more available evidence left for analysis. The compound is yet another scam that wants to sell a miraculous food supplement as a panacea.